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fuck fuck fuck fuck…

dear followers……this blog has been compromised.

and tumblr have showed to me that just changing url wont help too much.

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

"hey, lets meet on wednesday at 5. "

"yeah sure!"

……well apparently wednesday wont be.

Black guy kills some people.

News: Criminal.

Muslim guy kills some people.

News: Terrorist.

Latino guy kills some people.

News: Criminal.

White guy kills some people.

News: Mental illness. (lost soul, complicated psyche, quiet loner, misunderstood, frustrated with life, experienced recent, traumatic, life-altering events that set him off; not to mention all the positive descriptors that are attached to him, i.e. intelligent, PhD candidate, honor roll student, etc.)

Teenage boys rape a girl

News: Potential NFL athletes, popular students, class presidents, funny, intelligent, bright, enthusiastic, handsome, sought after, promising, polite, "poor boys who lost their future dream"

Teenage girl is raped:

News: What was she wearing? Was she drunk? How much was she drinking? Was her cleavage showing? Well maybe she was asking for it? Well was it really "rape"? She was a slut. Teens today are too sexually active. Did she lead them on?

Steven Moffat in his interview at Paris ComicCon

Interviewer: If you had a TARDIS, when and where would you go?

Moffat: Oh, I dunno. Everyone else in the world has a better answer than me right now. Never ask a happy man where he wants to go, i just don't really want to go anywhere.

Moffat: Maybe I would take some Sherlock DVDs back to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and see what he thinks.

Moffat: He'd probably punch me.